Gol Hoghooghi


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Finding your way home... 

A taxi driver can show you a home. That is the least of what you should expect from an agent. My value is advocacy on your behalf, combining knowledge and experience. I deliver VALUE by keeping your best interest at heart, while maneuvering to save you money and more importantly I am preventative to save you future headaches.  

My passion is representing Buyers and negotiation. 

Representing first time and multi buyers alike I work on your time, whether you find your home on the first day or in one year. Knowledge is power and educating the client about their options in each unique market, they are never "sold" a home. 

This passion has contributed to being a great listing agent, since I know the market and what buyers see as value. I have a tested history in different markets, pricing homes right from the start so that your home sells in the shortest amount of time for the highest price. 

I listen to your needs, then focus on: 1) Education of your options and strategies, 2) Negotiation, and 3) Representation for a fair transaction. 

I am proud of 22 years of business, built solely by referral of past clients. Combining experience and knowledge that works towards your best interest, success to me is delivery of valuable service, not meeting a quota. I work with fewer clients per month to make sure I give personal and direct service, that is my standard. 

Education, Negotiation and Advocacy to Insure a Fair Transaction 

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