We're Live on the Market! Now What?

All the listing preparation has happened, and now your home is live! Laura Petermeyer and Garrett Brown talk to us about what happens what happens once your listing is online.

So much work has gone into the preparation of your home and getting it ready to go to market, and now that you are on the market, what happens next? Laura and Garret go into detail about ongoing marketing, check-ins with sellers, and the negotiation process:


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Laura Petermeyer

Written by Laura Petermeyer

My career in real estate began after I went through the process of buying my own home. I love working with clients and learning their vision. I bring an ability to look beyond furnishings and finishes to see the real potential in a property. This applies for both buying and selling. It involves creating a space and a vision for individuals and families to picture themselves building a home somewhere new. I believe that finding the right home takes teamwork and I love partnering with clients to make their visions a reality. I am here to listen, advocate and negotiate for my clients in order to build strong working relationships that can become long-term partnerships as clients reach their ultimate real estate investment goals. I live in Wedgwood in NE Seattle with my husband and two young daughters. In our free time we ride bikes and explore all that our area has to offer. This means I bring a particular expertise in the neighborhoods of North Seattle. I would love to work with you on your journey of buying or selling. Please reach out via email or phone (laurap@rpare.com | (503) 475-7259).

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