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The technological revolution has provided the real estate industry with fantastic tools, providing consumers with a dizzying amount of information and choices. But in the end, buying or selling a home is still a hands-on, people person business. Optimum outcomes require more than an algorithm or colorful website. Navigating today's multiple offer, high stakes market requires thought, diligence, and persistence. You'll always have my best advice and an honest opinion.

Doug has been a licensed real estate broker and investor since 1991. He is a proud graduate of the University of Washington School of Business and avoider of the green and yellow color combination, despite being raised in the city of Roses 180 miles south. He is a husband and father. A former youth baseball, basketball and indoor soccer coach. Doug enjoys spending free time cursing holes #3 and #12 at Jackson Park Municipal Golf Course as well playing a very slow version of basketball once a week with his aging buddies at the local high school. Doug and his family moved from Maple Leaf to Lake Forest Park in 1999, first remodeling a mid-century in the woods, followed by a daylight rambler with a view on a street with sidewalks where they could get to know their neighbors.


Whether it’s the city or the suburbs, Doug is at the ready to help you navigate your next transaction.


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